While pondering a business name, my niece (2 years old) was calling me Ana. Ana, the latter part of my name (Lee-Ana) is also my Chinese name - An Na - which is simply a translation of the sound of my name rather than an actual Chinese name.

The correct translation for An Na includes 2 Chinese characters. The calligraphy for these characters are displayed to the right of the page superimposed with Kwai Nin or Guanyin. The top character, An can be translated as calm, content, peaceful, still or tranquil and Na below gives the rest of the phrase a feminine resonance. An Na, could be translated as a nourishing, nurturing and feminine type of peace or serenity. This seemed very appropriate for the business focus - being womens health and supporting a sense of being nourished and peaceful, reaching deep levels of relaxation. The Med is a shortening for medicine as in 'Chinese medicine'.


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